Depainting / Paintstripping

The steps of the process

Paintstripping of the body happens in caustic soda at a temperature of 80 degrees Celcius. In this liquid all paint, fillers, tectyl and kit will be dissolved. The average time of this process is about 3 day's. In between the body will be checked a several times. When all the pollution is dissolved, the body is hosed, dryed and checked on lagging remainders. Caustic soda reigns not with metal and is therefore complete harmless for the body, even if there would remain some fluid. Actually this usually never happens, because most cars get a full treatment afterwards with derusting and KTL-coating.
After depainting you have a perfect overview on the state of the body. This is the moment on wich you can do the necessary bodywork. New parts must be stripped of transportpaint before welding them in the body. Please don't use weldingprimer or any other primer, grease or paint. The complete body must be nude before further treatment. We advise against tinning of the body in this stage, because during the KTL-proces it might get soft and therefore deform.

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