The steps of the process


For optimal protection of a stripped and derusted body, we offer an electrolytical coating, wich is called KTL. The name stands for Kathodische Tauch Lackiering (or Kataforese) and it means Electolytical Dipping Lacqeurs. This KTL-coating is a very tough and corrosion resistant coating and is the best conservation for your body and bodyparts. Because of the use of several basins to dip the offered materials, also hard to reach places, like seams and tubes, box girders or hollow spaces, are treated. One of the preparatorial steps of the coating-system is zinc phosphating. That makes the best possible rust protection.

How does it work?

KTL-paint is among other things develloped in the car industry. The body's are dipped in several baths including degreasing and zinc pfosphate. In the paintbasin the positively charged paintparticles are dissolved in water. The body is negatively charged with an anode. The paint is attracted to the body and lose their solubility. When the desired layer thickness is achieved the process stops. The paint is attracted to the complete body at the outside as well as the inside and to all hard to reach places. After that the body goes into an oven and is backed at about 190° / 200° Celsius.

When a body is tinned it is possible to lower the oven to 160 degrees Celsius.

This primer is a perfect base to all other paint layers, fillers and so on.

  • Layerthickness: 25 / 40 µm.
  • Objects are completely covered, in- and outside.
  • Everywhere the same layert hickness.
  • Extremely tough and corrosion-resistant.

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