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Autobeitserij Holland cleans and preserves carbonaceous metals. By means of dipping baths all the old paintlayers, fillers, tectyl and rust are removed. After that an electrolyticall coating can be applied. This coating will be the base to all other possible primers, fillers and paintlayers.
Autobeiterij Holland is specialized in the cleaning and preservation of complete oldtimer bodyworks. All different types, till a width of 1,85 meter, can be treated in our baths. Even lorrycabin's, vans and American cars are a possiblity (admire our work. But there is more..... loose carparts like doors and hoods, (gas)tanks, (motor)-cycle parts as well as gardenfurniture, fences, industrial- and householdmachines and so on. In short: anyting of carboninaceous steel which fitts in our bath is possible to be treated.

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