Money can’t buy you passion

Autobeitserij Holland is the only company in The Netherlands, which treats complete cars chemically to a semi-finished or finished product. To be able to inform non-commital about our prices, we like to be in personal contact with our customers. The assumption is that we deliver custom whereby there is a different price estimate for each car. After determining the degree of contamination, we make an offer based on the degree of contamination, the volume and the required turnaround time. If you have questions about our process, please contact us by phone, of course you can also mail us.
Quotation Form

    • All parts disassembled.
    • Damping plates roughly removed (we can remove them for you at extra cost).
    • Very thick undercoat roughly cutted away (we can remove it for you at an additional cost).
    • Aluminium separately (you should think about hinges!!).
    • On delivery mention what is made of aluminum.
    • Supply the carriage preferably on a solid pallet.
    • Bundle small parts with wire or offer them in a basket of iron (at additional cost, we can combine it for you).
    ¹ Lids, caps, nuts and other small items can be supplied bundled into wire.
    ² If the object is fully or partially aluminum please mention here.
    ³ It is very important to describe the degree of contamination. In particular, the volume of underseal, for example, on the bottom.